The Velvet Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Parfums

Beautifully packaged and presented in padded black satin, each of the six new fragrances of The Velvet Collection takes the persuasive softness and seductive skills of one of Dolce & Gabbana's favourite textures as a basis and, lain on top of this, an olfactory influence combining with a sentiment such as raw, seductive Velvet Wood, Decadent Velvet Desire, sweet, woody Velvet Vetiver, luxurious Velvet Patchouli, richly hypnotic Velvet Love and the sensual Velvet Sublime. The velveteen textured perfume caps signify the texture and the colour of the mood of the scent contained in its glass prison, awaiting release.

There's no mistaking the sunshine brightness of Velvet Sublime and its mix of sharp bright mandarin, neroli and orangeflower. It's inspiration was the orange groves of Sicily and, as Taormina is one of my favourite holiday spots, I can say that it manages to exude the over arching freshness with a subtle hit of sensuous heat.