The Martha Graham Dance Company

Pioneers of contemporary Dance

Set on the bleak, sandy shoreline of Asbury Park Beach, Will Davidson’s latest fashion film stars three contemporary dancers from the Martha Graham Dance Company in a compelling battle for dominance.

Filmed in Davidson’s signature moody style, there is a dark and ominous feel to the story. The dancers’ movements are emotive and dramatic as they perform amongst the natural surroundings. “The sensory feedback of the sand, the water and the wind inspired us to move with, against or consciously irrespective of those elements – a jumping off point creatively,” says White-McGuire.

We asked Davidson to reveal more about his contribution to this breathtaking collaboration

What was your inspiration and initial thought process behind the film? I’ve always wanted to shoot a dance piece on the beach, even before we got access to the Martha Graham dancers. And the idea came from scenes in Jean-Luc Godard’s film Pierrot Le Fou.

What were your aims for this piece – to focus on the clothes or provoke a feeling…? The aim with all good films is to provoke a feeling. If there is no feeling in the piece then no one will watch it and be interested in the clothes. 

Film: Will Davidson
Styling: Karen Langley
Original Score: Daniel Lea
Text: Lucia Davies
Models: Lloyd Knight, Heather McGinley and Blakeley White-Mcguire from The Martha Graham Dance Company
Hair: Shin for Redken at Frank Reps
Make-up: Sil Brunisma at Streeters

Link www.anothermag.com