Ritual to the Sun

“Me siento absorbida por la magia de la luz y el movimiento. El movimiento no sabe mentir. En él reside la magia de lo que llamo el espacio exterior de la imaginación. Ese universo externo es ajeno por completo a nuestras vidas, y en él, a veces nuestras mentes divagan. Puedes encontrar un nuevo planeta, o puede que no lo encuentres, pero éso es lo que los bailarines hacemos”. 

Martha Graham
(1894 — 1991)

Ritual to the Sun  - Martha Graham Contemporary Dance

In 1981, Martha Graham choreographed a ballet entitled "Acts of Light," the title which was taken from a letter written by one of Miss Graham's favorite poets, Emily Dickinson. The music is 3 short orchestral works by the Danish composer Carl Nielsen. This is the second half of the the third section, "Ritual to the Sun" set to Nielsen's Helios Overture.

Choreography by Martha Graham
Music by Carl Nielsen†
Costumes by Halston and Martha Graham
Lighting by Beverly Emmons

Premiere: February 26, 1981, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

“Thank you for all the beautiful acts of light which beautified a summer now past to its reward.” – Emily Dickinson

I. Conversation of Lovers
Fang-Yi Sheu  Maurizio Nardi

II. Lament
Virginie Mécène
Tadej Brdnik   Christophe Jeannot   Martin Lofsnes   David Zurak 

III. Ritual to the Sun
Chief Celebrants     Fang-Yi Sheu, Maurizio Nardi
Elizabeth Auclair   Tadej Brdnik   Catherine Cabeen   Jennifer DePalo-Rivera 
Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch   Christophe Jeannot   Lloyd Knight   Martin Lofsnes 
Catherine Lutton   Brenda Nieto   Miki Orihara   Alessandra Prosperi 
Sadira Smith   Heidi Stoeckley   Natalie Turner   David Zurak

† I. Pan and Syrinx, Op.49; II. Andante lamentoso (At the Bier of a Young Artist); III. Helios Overture, Op.17. Recorded by the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Herbert Blomstedt, courtesy of EMI Classics. I and II used by arrangeent with G. Schirmer, Inc., agents in the United States for Edition Wilhelm Hansen A/S-Denmark, publisher and copyright owner.