German Lineage in Modern Dance

The pioneering new DVD release celebrates the legacy of modern dance that started in Germany before World War I and expanded into new dimensions in the United States in the late 20th century. The influence of this complex and compelling heritage has spanned decades and spread to diverse areas globally.

This intriguing “must see” DVD presents solos by innovators and artistic heirs of German Expression Dance, or Ausdruckstanz.Works of each choreographer are highlighted through solos, narration and original photographs.Blending academic research and artistry, Dr. Betsy Fisher, has conceived and performed this DVD. Extensive research was conducted in dance archives and dance studios in the United States and Europe. The original choreographers, and/or those who best represent the choreographer’s legacy, directed these solos.

German Lineage in Modern Dance  - By: Dancetime Publication Wed, 21 Dec 2011 
DVD run time: 58 minutes

Modern Dance innovators from Germany

Program Details

Researched, Conceived and Performed by Dr. Betsy Fisher
Editorial Advisor Marcia Siegel
DVD Editor Stuart Math


Mary Wigman / Germany
Historic Introduction - Dances: Hexentanz, Seraphic Song, Pastorale

Dore Hoyer / Germany
Historic Introduction - Dances: Affectos Humanos, Angst, Liebe

Hanya Holm / Germany/U.S.
Historic Introduction - Dance: Excerpt from Homage to Mahler

Alwin Nikolais / U.S.
Historic Introduction with photos by Tom Caravaglia
Dance: Excerpt from Tribe,

Murray Louis / U.S.
Historic Introduction
Dance: Excerpt from Figura

Institutional Support
University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Theatre and Dance
Mary Wigman Gesellschaft
The Mary Wigman Society
Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln
The German Dance Archive Cologne
Tanzarchiv Leipzig
The Leipzig Dance Archive, Germany
Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance
Nikolais/Louis Archives
Ohio University: The Alwin Nikoals and Murray Louis Dance Collection
The Theater Academy of Finland
Ludwig Maximilians Universität
Munich University
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
University of Washington Dance Department

 German Lineage in Modern Dance
German Lineage in Modern Dance