Diseño exclusivo Maarten Baas

Juego de té Haphazard Harmony, producido por la firma italiana Skitsch. Realizado en porcelana, la colección presenta formas espontáneas inspiradas en el trazo manual que surgió del dibujo a mano alzada del propio diseñador.

His new creations are called “The Chankley Bore” as the result of Maarten Baas’ Limited Edition work with Established & Sons. They’ve first seen the light of day in Milan, earlier this year but now, The Chankley Bore is making the official London entrée in the Established & Sons LIMITED gallery during Frieze Art Fair, this October. Whether it addressed the kids or an alien generation, these new creations from the Dutch designer Maarten Baas are brilliantly new and they make you stop and take a good look at, even if you like them or not. It’s just design. And he’s having fun, so should we!

(born 19 February 1978, Arnsberg, Germany) is a Dutch designer.