First Doll Coordinate Recipe Book

This book features instructions and patterns (some printed in the book to photocopy, and some bound in to be removed) to help you make a wardrobe of essentials for five different dolls, with adaptations provided for seven more!

Your Blythe, Momoko, Unoa Quluts (Lusis), Odeco and her cat-headed friend Nikki, or Petite Blythe can enjoy a basic smock dress, a button-down blouse, pleated skirt, tank top, knee-length shorts, bloomers, socks, and a blazer to dress it all up or down!

All text is in Japanese, but the instructions are clearly illustrated with lots of color photos. This book is the perfect rainy-day companion for any doll collector who likes to sew! Softcover with dust jacket.

Patterns for: Blythe, Momoko, Unoa Quluts, Nikky & Odeco, Petite Blythe.

Real clothes
  • Released: February 2009
  • Format: B5, 80 pages
  • Language: Japanese
  • Publisher: Graphic-sha
  • ISBN: ISBN978-4-7661-1982-4

First Doll Coordinate Recipe Basic and Knack of Doll Making (Book)